Two Arrested After Suspected Drug Houses Are Raided

NORTHAMPTON, Pa. — State and local officials have raided two alleged drug labs in Northampton County.

Around 7:30 Friday morning police and investigators with the State Attorney General’s Office descended on 1348 Main Street in Northampton borough.

“I just saw the police cars out there and the guys in the white suits,” said neighbor Pat David.

“Huge, huge shock. I’m stunned. I can’t believe it,” said neighbor Jessica Cruz.

Neighbors tell 69 News they saw officials in HazMat suits bring numerous items outside for examination.

“And that’s when it scared me and I was like, yo, do I need to leave cause my kid’s upstairs,” said Cruz.

A sign on the door says Pennsylvania State Police seized an illegal drug lab at the house.

“Those are the best neighbors. They were the best neighbors,” said Cruz.

Then, Friday afternoon investigators conducted another raid at an apartment above a bar at 9th and Washington Streets in Northampton.

Neighbors declined to comment on camera, but say they never suspected a thing.

Agents from the State Attorney General’s Office, Pennsylvania State Police, and Northampton Police executed the two searches as part of an ongoing meth investigation.

Investigators tell us two people will be charged.

A third person was taken into custody on a parole violation.

Two children, from the first location, were taken to the hospital for evaluation and will be turned over to child protective services.

The AG’s office says the investigation is ongoing and there could be more arrests.EmailPrint

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