White Powder Incident–Philadelphia PSP


Four troopers at the State Police barracks in Philadelphia were placed in isolation for a brief period yesterday after one of them opened a letter that contained white powder and a threatening note, State Police Cpl. Felix Acosta said.

The trooper opened the letter, which was addressed to him and placed in his mailbox, about 12:45 p.m., police said. A white powder spilled out of the letter, prompting a hazardous-materials situation and the isolation of the recipient and three other men who were around him at the time, Acosta said. The building, however, was not evacuated.

Philly police, fire and hazmat officials responded to the barracks, on Belmont Avenue near Monument Road, in Wynnefield Heights, and the troopers were released from isolation when the substance was determined to be inert, Acosta said.

Along with the white powder was a threatening note aimed at the trooper that included symbols and that “informed him that there would be retaliation for whatever interaction they had in the past,” Acosta said. Police do not yet know who the sender is, but Acosta said that they will “exhaust all angles” in their investigation to try and determine people who would have a grudge to bear against the trooper.

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