FBI Probes Potential "Deadly" Substance From Ohio Home


FBI Probes Potential “Deadly” Substance From Ohio Home

Authorities were set to analyze a canister of a possible deadly agent taken yesterday from an Ohio home, Fox 8 News reported.

The discovery of the material by the new owner of a property in Coventry Township was promptly reported to area authorities and then the FBI.

“We want to make sure we play this safe and package the substance correctly, and take it back to Maryland and have it analyzed properly in a laboratory,” FBI Special Agent Scott Wilson said.

“If the substance is what was reported to the FBI, it would be very deadly to humans,” he added.

Wilson neither verified nor dismissed talk that the material was a biological weapon.

“We certainly won’t disclose what we think it might be because it’s only speculation. We want to make sure it’s [a] dangerous substance to begin with,” Wilson said.

Bureau hazardous materials experts with knowledge of chemical and biological weapons were summoned to the area from Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Federal authorities have communicated with one person with knowledge of the agent’s origin, Wilson said, adding that agents did not believe the finding was “terrorist related.”

Still, the discovery alarmed neighboring residents.

“My son is a paramedic. He told me to get out of Coventry,” Kelly Folden said.

“You just don’t know who your neighbors are,” her husband added (Suzanne Stratford, Fox 8 News, Jan. 26).

NTI: Global Security Newswire – FBI Probes Potential “Deadly” Substance From Ohio Home

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