FBI expects mysterious powder results Monday-Lorain, Ohio #hazmat

LORAIN — The FBI expects to get lab results on Monday that will identify the powder mailed to a Lorain woman in a yellow envelope along with a birthday card.

FBI special agent Scott Wilson said results are due Monday. Earlier he noted, “At this point we have no reason to believe it’s a hazardous substance …”

The card read “Happy 75th Birthday” and misspelled the 50-year-old woman’s maiden name, Lorain police reported. The envelope had a North Carolina postmark, but no return address.

The woman reported also seeing a handwritten note that said “Have fun with Al” which she took as a reference to alcohol. She is a recovering alcoholic, police reported. She did not recognize the handwriting.

The woman told police that when she started opening the envelope at her home on New Mexico Avenue, “a small amount of powder spilled out onto her shirt and kitchen counter,” according to the police report.

She then put the envelope into a plastic bag, cleaned up the spilled powder, put her shirt in the laundry, washed her hands and called police.

Lorain police responded and also notified the fire department and the health department, which in turn notified the Lorain County Emergency Management Agency. The EMA called in the FBI, and an FBI agent took custody of the envelope and powder, police reported.

Officials advised the woman she could stay in her home, informed her of signs of illness and told her to call 911 if she began to feel sick.

At this point, the investigation is in the hands of the FBI, according to Lorain Safety Director Phil Dore.

FBI expects mysterious powder results Monday – morningjournal.com.

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