Truck Hauling Explosives Crashes On Highway #pahazmat #hazmat

Posted: 10:51 am EST March 1, 2011. SPRING TWP., Pa. — Emergency crews remain on the scene of an accident involving a box truck loaded with explosives.

The crash happened shortly before 11:00 Tuesday morning in the northbound lanes of Route 222, between the Broadcasting Road and Spring Ridge interchanges, in Spring Township, Berks County.

Police said the northbound truck was approaching traffic that was backed up as a result of the construction at the Route 183 interchange and couldn’t stop in time.

They said the truck veered into the right lane, struck a pickup truck, and then spun around and ended up facing south in a grassy area off the highway.

There were no reports of injuries in the crash, but firefighters and ambulance personnel were dispatched to the scene because of the truck’s contents, which officials said included dynamite and blasting caps. The West Side Emergency Management Agency was also called.

Officials said they don’t believe the explosives were badly damaged in the accident, just shuffled around a bit inside the truck, but they were not taking any chances in their cleanup of the scene.

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